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Product Development Updates

T3 Tool-less Hanger

The T3 Starline Track Busway Plug-in units are now featuring the tool-less hanger mechanism (claw) that was previously only available on Starline’s T5 busway systems. This feature will be added to all T3 E50 and E90 series enclosures, for no additional charge to our customers. Orders will automatically be updated for new orders in late Q4 2018, requiring no additional requests or information from you!

Starline Track Busway Wall Flanges

Oftentimes the contractor must make a busway installation that requires traversing or penetrating a precast, metallic, or block wall. The unique product shape of the busway and lack of “cover” can create an issue when roughing out the passthrough. Using these newly released painted or plated steel flanges to cover the cut-out can now make this construction process fast and aesthetically appealing.

Additionally, a fire rating meeting the requirements of ASTM E814/UL 1479 can be achieved utilizing these flanges in conjunction with the proper sealing and insulation to close off the open space around and in the busway. These materials should always be approved by the engineer of record for the project.

Busway flanges are currently available on T1, T2 and 800T5 systems, with the remainder of the systems and sizes to be available for sale in early Q1 2019.

600/630 Amp and 1000 Amp Join the T5 Family

A 600/630 busway (600 ETL listed/630 VDE/CE marked) is now available in the same size housing as 800 amp. In addition, 1000 amp busway is also available and uses the same size and style of housing as 1200 amp.

CPM Temperature Sensors

  • 4 independent Bluetooth Low Energy wireless nodes measure the temperature of each lug

  • Each of the wireless nodes will communicate the temperature back to the feed meter

  • Accuracy +/- 1 °C

  • Integrated into CPM integral webpages

This innovative technology provides a platform for measuring the temperature of terminal lugs in real time instead of relying on periodic (annual) IR scanning! (compatible with 225 amp systems and above)

Learn more here.

Breaker Interlock

  • Plugs cannot be installed or removed with circuit breakers energized

  • T5 compatible

  • E50 and E90 enclosures

  • Efficient design

  • Does not limit customization of the plugs

  • Available as an option

Rotating Paddle Now Available for T5 Systems

  • T5 Compatible

  • E50 and E90 enclosures

  • Mechanical attachment first, then electrical engagement

  • Efficient design

  • Does not limit customization of the plugs

  • Available as an option

Seismic Hanger OSHPD pre-approval certification pending

  • Meets requirements of California Building Code and International Building Code (CBC & IBC)

  • Tested to ICC: AC 156

  • To be used with T3 (100/225 amp), 250T5 and 400T5

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