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Temporary and portable Led lighting for the aeronautics industry

Safety in the field of aeronautics is of primary concern due to the exacting and precise nature of the work performed in such instances, especially aircraft construction and maintenance. Ericson offers a full complement of temporary and portable LED lighting, such as their tube string lights that increase efficiency and safety at the worksite. Safety directors understand the importance of sufficient lighting in areas such as the fuselage of aircraft, engine areas, and other tight spaces that are difficult to keep well-lit. Firms that seek lighting that is effective and increases safety levels are encouraged to take a look at string lighting due to its adaptability to numerous tasks and spaces.

Aircraft construction requires lighting solutions that are portable and temporary and easy to install and de-install, all while providing enough lighting to ensure that all safety requirements can be met. The Ericson LED string lighting systems meet all of those needs while also providing added efficiency that comes with their flexibility at the power source.

When it comes to being mission critical – think military aircraft. One of the most advanced aeronautics building conditions can be found with our military and Ericson LED lighting solutions is tough enough to meet the challenge. Opportunity: Temporary lighting was needed for maintenance and repair on US Airforce Base aircraft. As each aircraft varied in size, off-the-shelf string lights sockets were too far apart to supply sufficient light for operations and repairs. In addition, customer needed access to power for various hook ups. Solution:

  • Custom Heavy Duty string lights were designed with sockets closer together, providing optimal illumination.

  • The custom string lights used either LED or incandescent bulbs in the same socket, providing additional flexibility and cost savings.

  • The string lights were designed to incorporate a power drop, allowing customer to plug in additional tooling.

These lights can be used on a stand-alone basis if there are sufficient outlets available, and in cases where electrical outlets are at a premium, these string lights can be daisy-chained together in order to utilize a single source of power. This is especially helpful in aircraft maintenance situations where there may be a need for multiple lighting and tools that all require connectivity to electrical power sources. There are few fields that require the level of precision that aircraft assembly and maintenance present. Without proper lighting, there is an increased chance of mistakes being made or safety standards not being upheld. These lights are also durable and provide safe lighting for outdoor and wet situations, making them an appropriate option for any outdoor use that may be required. This safety measure also ensures that any moisture that may impact the lighting system will not ruin the lamps, which is helpful in areas where aerosols and other moisture causing substances are in use. Proper lighting also cuts down on workplace accidents, elevating overall worksite safety. The 50,000 lamp life is another safety boon as these lighting systems are able to be utilized for the entire length of certain projects without replacement or burnout. Aircraft construction is a lengthy process and having a lighting system in place that will not require very much attention will allow the workforce to focus on maintaining the necessary level of precision for the task from start to finish.

Ericson temporary and portable LED lighting solutions will help to increase worksite safety in aircraft construction and maintenance environments. These industrial-grade low profile tube string lights are straightforward to assemble, long-lasting, provide sufficient lumens, and provide the necessary flexibility to work well in small and enclosed spaces such as fuselages and engine areas. Safety Directors and Project Managers working in this field should take a look at these safe, temporary and portable LED lighting systems for all of their worksites. Safety, flexibility, and temporary needs are all met with these efficient systems.

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